Punjab police

Punjab police work so shamefull.police not give protaction public.public not safe in punjab.bcas police officer not work without money or political power.many policeman’s r drinker.or take drugs.police lawn order not in punjab. Example

  1. Barnala Ex. Mla kill in home with police gunman
  2. Many young man died in gangwor
  3. jag dish gagneja RSS Sectery kill in market.
  4. MATA Chand Kaur kill with public samagam
  5. Sant Ranjit Singh Dadriawala frd kill in car. 
  6. Other many gangster or leaders killing in police protection
  7. Guru Grantham Sahib ji on attack many time . Sikh’s holy book
  8. Muslim holy book on attack in maker koala
  9. Anyone going to police station without money police not listen or watch
  10. it’s punjab police work chart or home minister, 

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